Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good Beach Day - Then this Happens.

Yesterday's weather was a perfect beach day. So we packed up the kids shovels,buckets, & lunch and hit the road. In NY we got a few choices when it comes to beaches but we settled for Jones Beach. Its cool because they have a BBQ area to grill ,A Pool, We could go catch a Baseball Game & other things aswell.

So everthing is going good the sun is shining, the kids are having fun but then all of a sudden I see everyone start look in one direction. Whats going on ?

Im thinking Baywatch was called on someone who was drowning, Then I see & hear a Black Chopper approaching to where everyone was looking & it stops. All of a sudden I see the ladder come down & soldier come out dressed in all black as he starts to climb down the ladder.

What the hell is going on ? Everyone is confused. Is someone dead ? Is this some type of Secret Covert Operation ? What is a Army Chopper doing here ?Then the Chopper started to move slowly & The closer it got the more clear it became what was going on.

Care to take a guess ?

This whole stunt was for the Movie G.I JOE.
Want to see my reaction and the face I put ?

A Crummy Commercial ?

Now I grew up watching and collecting G.I Joes but this stunt left me scratching my head at first.Thanks Paramount Where are you going to pull this stunt next Times Square ?

With that said the chopper did come around a 2nd time and this time we knew what was going on & I had my kids wave and the soldier waved back.

I cant lie this stunt just put GI JOE back on my radar for movies to go see.