Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good Beach Day - Then this Happens.

Yesterday's weather was a perfect beach day. So we packed up the kids shovels,buckets, & lunch and hit the road. In NY we got a few choices when it comes to beaches but we settled for Jones Beach. Its cool because they have a BBQ area to grill ,A Pool, We could go catch a Baseball Game & other things aswell.

So everthing is going good the sun is shining, the kids are having fun but then all of a sudden I see everyone start look in one direction. Whats going on ?

Im thinking Baywatch was called on someone who was drowning, Then I see & hear a Black Chopper approaching to where everyone was looking & it stops. All of a sudden I see the ladder come down & soldier come out dressed in all black as he starts to climb down the ladder.

What the hell is going on ? Everyone is confused. Is someone dead ? Is this some type of Secret Covert Operation ? What is a Army Chopper doing here ?Then the Chopper started to move slowly & The closer it got the more clear it became what was going on.

Care to take a guess ?

This whole stunt was for the Movie G.I JOE.
Want to see my reaction and the face I put ?

A Crummy Commercial ?

Now I grew up watching and collecting G.I Joes but this stunt left me scratching my head at first.Thanks Paramount Where are you going to pull this stunt next Times Square ?

With that said the chopper did come around a 2nd time and this time we knew what was going on & I had my kids wave and the soldier waved back.

I cant lie this stunt just put GI JOE back on my radar for movies to go see.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What goes Up ?

We haven't done some type of crafts in over a month when me and Lil ones pulled out the finger paints and got busy. But after I saw these paper toys that Joe from "Toy a Day" is making I had to do my own.

So I pulled out a couple of things that I would need and knew right away which one I would do first.

I went with Carl Fredricksen from one our favorite movies of this summer "UP" But after he was done he looked to "Lonely" so I couldn't let him stay that way for long.

So I downloaded the blank template that Joe provides on his blog and got to work. Since it was my first time doing one it took me a few tries but when I was done I got Fred a cool little partner.
She came out ok I guess for my first try. Ill make her arms smaller next time,Because she looks like shes been pumping iron. After she was done the kids were working on there own & me being the bigger kid I was working on my second custom one using the Blank Template.

The kids did Super Mario & Sponge Bob,While I worked on this custom Plex that came out cool. After we were done we threw them all in the castle and there little imaginations took over. Isnt that the best part of being a kid ? Letting your imagination run wild where anything & everything is possible.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Tried To Warn You !!!

Taken from Dasashi's Twitter about last nights concert.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Night Another Concert.

Tonight was really good and really bad. Good because me & my Lady went to see a Band we've really wanted to see for long time. Bad because it didnt Drizzle, It didnt Rain ,IT POURED !!!!!!

Regardless we made the best of it and had a blast !!!

Can you guess who we saw ?

Gym Class Heroes !!!! & Despite the fact that it was pouring they put on a hell of a performance. Thats what shows are all about .

Even Travie couldnt believe all the rain the was pouring down.

Regardless of the weather conditions they gave it 110 % and nothing less for the fans who got soaked. We will definitely go see them again next time there in NY. To bad Travie is moving from the Big Apple to Miami. "Now why you gottta go and do that now huh ?"

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Time Means Free Concerts in New York

Let me start of by saying that I have been to alot of concerts, But this one has to be one of my favorites by far. Why you ask ? Because the duo who performed also happen to be a part of my favorite show (Shh dont tell my kids)

DJ Lance Rock came out and got the crowd going right away.
But when Brobee came out thats when the party really got started.

Dont let his size fool you Brobee got some moves that would put even the best dancers to shame.

It was really hot that day and the DJ Lance's of the future were ready to take there hats off & give up.
This little guy couldnt take it anymore he took his glasses off & was ready to pull his hair out

But this little girl kept her cool through out the whole thing and showed the boys how it should be done.

WARNING: If your ever in that area of Central Park East.BEWARE because this little guy is ARMED & DANGEROUS and he will wet you and your whole family up, If you get to close Trust me we found out the hard way.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do you want to be in that number ?

The cool thing about living in Ny is that you never know what you will see, While walking I saw this posted on a tree.

Monday, June 15, 2009

oOo Times Square 2009 Bubble Battle oOo

Me & the Family decided to go to the 3rd annual Bubble Battle in Times Square.

It was alot of fun & people of all ages attended

What was cool was that even in the heat of Battle the only thing you got hit with was Bubbles

And Smiles

And in the end, What Goes Up

Must come down !!

I will definitely go with my Family again next year !!!