Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What goes Up ?

We haven't done some type of crafts in over a month when me and Lil ones pulled out the finger paints and got busy. But after I saw these paper toys that Joe from "Toy a Day" is making I had to do my own.

So I pulled out a couple of things that I would need and knew right away which one I would do first.

I went with Carl Fredricksen from one our favorite movies of this summer "UP" But after he was done he looked to "Lonely" so I couldn't let him stay that way for long.

So I downloaded the blank template that Joe provides on his blog and got to work. Since it was my first time doing one it took me a few tries but when I was done I got Fred a cool little partner.
She came out ok I guess for my first try. Ill make her arms smaller next time,Because she looks like shes been pumping iron. After she was done the kids were working on there own & me being the bigger kid I was working on my second custom one using the Blank Template.

The kids did Super Mario & Sponge Bob,While I worked on this custom Plex that came out cool. After we were done we threw them all in the castle and there little imaginations took over. Isnt that the best part of being a kid ? Letting your imagination run wild where anything & everything is possible.


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